{Recipe} Jello Shot Worms

We made these jiggly jello shot worms for Halloween this year and they were the hit of the party! Delicious jello spiked with vodka, they will bring the gross factor and the good times to your party. Here’s the how-to:

1 pkg. (6 oz) black raspberry jello
3/4 ounce (3 envelopes) unflavored gelatin
1 ½ cups boiling water
1 ½ cups vodka
3/4 cup whipping cream (to make the worms cloudy)
green food coloring, (about 10 drops)
100+ plastic straws with bendable necks (important!)

Use three glasses or vases that are slightly wider on the top than they are on the bottom. Your worms will only fill up the straw as high as the jello fills up on the outside of the straws in the glass. So if you want worms longer than your glass is tall, try using a slim cylinder vase. (We wish ours had been slightly longer!) Divide your straws up into three bundles and insert into your glasses, making sure that the bendable part of the straw is on the bottom. Pack the straws down so that all of the straw bottoms are flush with the bottom of the glass. Put a rubber band around each straw bundle.

In a medium, heat safe mixing bowl, preferably with a pourable edge, stir together plain and flavored gelatin powders. Boil your water and pour it over the gelatin, stirring until it is fully dissolved. Next, pour in the vodka and stir in the whipping cream. Add the food coloring until you get a red-purple color.

Place your glass of straws in a bowl to catch any possible spills. Gently pour the jello mixture over the straws. Don’t worry as you see the jello seeping up the sides of the container, remember the higher the jello comes up the glass the longer your worms will be. If your straws are tightly packed and flush with the bottom of the glass, they will still fill with jello.

Chill the jello straws overnight. In the morning, remove the containers from the refrigerator and let sit out for at least 30 minutes. Periodically, try to gently pull the straws out of the jello. You may have to check several times, but as the jello thaws you will be able to pull the straws out with only a slight resistance from the suction of the jello. This is the best stage to get the worms out of the straws. Gently extract each worm from the straw by holding the top of the straw tightly with one thumb and forefinger, use the other thumb and forefinger to tightly apply pressure down the entire length of the straw forcing the jiggly little worm from the straw. Squeeze them into a chilled bowl.

Enjoy your jiggly jello worms, cheers!

About Ashley Carlson

Ashley is the owner and creator at Eye Candy Event Design, where she creates dessert displays and styles events. She is a connoisseur of all things bridal and baby and is convinced a little sparkle and spray-paint is the answer to every problem. She bakes “Eye Candy Confections,” specializing in that little luxury cookie, the French macaron. She had her dream wedding in 2008 and now has her dream job designing for other brides and mommies-to-be!


  1. This is a really fun recipe. I made a few minor modifications that worked well: (1) Before squeezing a shot out of a straw, I rinsed the straw in really warm water for 2-3 seconds and wiped the straw dry. This made extracting the shot easier and the worms were really silky. (2) I squeezed the shots onto a cutting board covered with lightly oiled wax paper and then let them reset in the fridge before plating them. (3) I lightly oiled the serving dish.

  2. Could I add more vodka and use less water to make it stronger? Or were these strong enough?

  3. I made these with strawberry jello and no whipping cream. They aren’t solid like the ones in your pictures above. Do I need the cream to mak them hard?

  4. Good afternoon! I loved your Jello Worms so much I featured it in a Halloween recipe round-up on my blog. Feel free to paste my button on your post and stop by to check out the other awesome recipes. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

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  5. My grandson and I are working on a project for school report on How to eat Fried Worms wer are going to make these minus the vodka for his classmates and see if he can get someone to eat them. Thanks for the Ideal. Granny

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